martes, 27 de agosto de 2013

The ratlife, spanish style

Really disappointing. I was expecting to see tough guys who lived without anything, made their own food and were completely self-sufficient. However, the spanish (and partially german) version of the ratlife is something that goes like this: "I live without anything and I am completely free... well there are some minor issues... Ok, I still need the state (or some other entity) to provide for me."

- A guy who claims to live without anything in a mountain. Later we find out he has a state pension and goes to the nearest village to buy food and other things such as tobacco.

- A couple that simply goes to live in a remote village with 50 inhabitants. As if that were something that nobody did before. They still have to work and buy things.

- A group of people that live in another remote village and plant their own food. However, they use tractors, have electricity, and have even an internet business!

- A german woman that barters with anything she has. She lives however in a nice flat with every modern comfort. She claims not to use money at all, but how is she paying taxes?

- A family that goes to live in a boat and travel around the world. Even though these seem to be the most consequent, at the end we find out they gave up and came back to live in Spain.

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